About Us

Small Business Marketers Who Dream Big

Our Roots

Our Story

We formerly incorporated in early 2020 as Brandwinner Marketing LLC with the goal of bringing world-class marketing expertise to the little guy. We’ve grown slow but steady, using our own know how of growing a business’ market presence to our advantage. Our focus is small businesses, specifically those in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and its surrounding area.

Our Promise

You’ll always deal with a human being who truly cares about your individual business needs, who is honest and direct, and who will not rest easy unless you are satisfied with your results. We in this great nation exist because of you, the small business owner, and we will never lose sight of that fact.

Our Founder

Jason Boyd brings nearly 15 years of diverse marketing & communications experience, including hands on professional work in writing, editing, graphic design, front end development, Search Engine Optimization, journalism, and marketing/advertising. He grew up working summers with his dad in home improvement, digging holes and painting, and knows first hand the difficulty small, family-owned businesses face in North Texas.
Jason Boyd

Our City

Dallas, Texas is our home, and we are proud to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and its surrounding area of roughly 7.7 million residents and 100,000 businesses with under 10 employees.


Our Most Frequent Questions & Answers

In short, yes. However, the long answer is a bit more complicated and technical. It all depends on the service we’re providing. For instance, if we’re hosting everything on your website for you, we may limit your access to certain critical back-end components to safeguard your and other clients’ information. This will all depend variably as a result of what we ultimately work with you on. But feel free to check with us along the way and we’ll be sure to get you a definitive answer for your specific situation.

Absolutely not. We’d be dishonest if we did, and don’t recommend ever trusting a marketer who says they can promise you a specific outcome. We certainly stand behind our promise of leaving you satisfied, but that is far different from a blanket guarantee that you will achieve X number of new customers or certain Google search rankings. Marketing, like all business, is a shifting target and relies on an iterative, constant improvement mindset. To that end, we can guarantee that we will always strive forward and upward along the curve using data, facts, research, and feedback.

We want you to be happy. Brandwinner Marketing promises to do the best we can to tweak, alter, revise, and sometimes completely redo our efforts in order to make the customer happy. In our business, likely similar to yours, we rely on customer satisfaction and the customer is, essentially, always right. We know that, and we want to be on the “right side” with you, so we will work with you to align with your goals. However, you hired us for a reason. We do know a thing or two, and we rely on that reputation. Sometimes, rarely, we may ultimately back away from our partnership if it would force us into making a bad marketing decision.

If we terminate a contract prematurely, we will refund all due fees and charges as outlined by the contract. However, we can’t guarantee specific results, and we can’t offer refunds for factors outside our control. So, with that in mind, we do not have a blanket refund policy or “satisfaction guarantee,” yet we do promise to work tirelessly to earn your satisfaction.