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Brandwinner Marketing is a full service digital agency. That means we do it all. These services here are just a few of our specialties. Looking for something specific? Get in touch!

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Overall Branding

Brand Strategy

Your Look & Feel Strategy

Your Brand Strategy is your plan of attack, your positioning in a crowded market. What sets you apart? What’s your unique selling proposition? How do you communicate that visually and verbally? Nuance is key. Every little tweak matters, and it’s a delicate tightrope walk. Let us guide you on the path, and we’ll stick with you well beyond the rollout phase.

Logo Design

Scratch, Revamp, or Digitization

Your logo is more than just your name in a readable font. It’s your stamp. Your mark. Your identity. Customers are 10x likely to remember your logo than your name, and they’ll pick you out of a crowd as a result. If you don’t have one, you need one. If you have one, has it been optimized for the web? Let us help.

Voice Guide Creation

Not What You Say... But How You Say It

No one’s perfect. We all flub words, we all get misunderstood. But when it comes to messaging–copy that lasts–you better get it right. And not just factual. Your meaning needs to come across, and that means so much more than facts. It’s connotation. It’s feeling. Voice can mean the difference between a loyal customer and a super fan. It can also be the thing keeping unsatisfied customers coming back for a second chance. Worth perfecting? We think so.

Digital Presence

Web Development

Your Home On the Wide World Web

Front-End, Back-End, Servers, so many languages, so many frameworks and compatibility issues… Custom web development is a major pain. But it’s necessary, because cookie-cutter website builders won’t give you what you need. You don’t have to learn everything yourself though. You’re already an expert in your industry, and you don’t have the time. The neighbor boy down the street won’t cut it either. But we can help, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s talk!

Social Media Marketing

Make Friends & Influence People

You’ve got to fish where the fish are swimming. Billions of people are on Social Media. Including in your home town. And you can reach them. For free. You can even pay some insanely cheap advertising rates for highly targeted campaigns. Only problem? Social Media is a world of its own, complete with its own rules and standards. It’s tough to keep up, even for the most zealous Social Media addict. But we’ve got your back. Get in touch, and we’ll put you in touch with the audience that’s been waiting for you this whole time.

Directory Listing

21st Century Yellow Pages

Remember when you used to open up the behemoth book of phone numbers called the Yellow Pages? It’s one of the main ways you found new companies and services. Need a plumber? Just comb through to the P’s and eenie-minie-moe your way to an unclogged toilet. Now that we’ve gone digital, the Yellow Pages still exists. It’s just transformed into the world of directories. They save customers time from having to blindly Google keywords, instead browsing to the category they need. Are you in the directory? If not, we can fix that.

Landing Pages

Always Be Closing

How often do you search for something and the first thing you click is a website’s home page? Not often. Nine times out of 10, you “land” on another page. This can be any page, but when you intend for people to land on a specific page, it’s called a “landing page.” Because it’s the first thing your new customer sees, it’s got to be optimized perfectly. You might not get a second chance at a first impression. Do you know if you’re driving customers away before they get a chance to fall in love with your business? Let us help you convert your web visitors to customers.

Content Strategy & Outreach

Content Marketing

Become the Resource

Experts say that online, content is king. And for good reason. Proper content informs and educates without selling, essentially soft selling your way into a trusted, long-term relationship with your customer base. It’s like cultivating a garden, and it takes time, planning, and special attention. Not to mention some specific tools and skills. Well, meet your new gardener. We’re content experts, and we can help you stand out. The right way.


Get Seen, Be Heard, Rank Higher

Google is the gatekeeper, but there’s even more search engines to finagle, like Bing. How do you get to the top of search results? What’s Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how is it different from normal SEO? You’re not an expert on the inner workings of the Google machine, but you don’t have to be. That’s what we’re here for. We can help you get the attention you deserve.

Marketing Funnels

All Roads Lead to Your Business

Someone clicks on your website. Then what? Or they visit your Facebook page and like your business. How do you get money from that? Marketing Funnels is a way of organizing the customer journey in a systematic and strategic way. Because you’re not doing all this marketing work for your health. You need it to translate into real dollars. We’ve got your back.

Link Building

White Hat Notoriety Outreach

Links are to search engines and related algorithms as word-of-mouth is to people. You want a lot of good links. You want it from the right people. People who can influence a lot of other people. That’s where link building comes in. It’s a strategic approach to gaining ground in the reputation game, so that your business gets the buzz it’s been deserving.

Press Releases

It's Your Turn to be the Buzz

What if I said you could write a story about your company and give it to the media… and they’d run it? Not kidding. It’s true. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. It takes clever angles, good news judgment, experience knowing what newsmen and newswomen are looking for, and a few personal connections don’t hurt. Let us help you make news.

Reputation Management

Your Best Foot Forward On the Web

No one is perfect. That includes business owners and their businesses. We all make mistakes, and even someone else’s mistake can leave a lasting stain on your record. You don’t want that being the lead story people hear when they look you or your business up. You’re multidimensional, and your good side deserves to be seen. Let us help you break through and show your true colors.

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